The STETSOM, through its network of Authorized Service guarantees the buyer of the Technical Assistance Service products cost of replacement components or parts and hand labor required to repair any duly observed defects as manufacturing. Repairs will be promoted by the Authorized Technical Assistance specially designated by STETSOM.

WARRANTY TERM CONDITIONS: Our warranty is 1 (one) year against manufacturing defects. Its validity starts from the date and Sale Consumer FINAL. To make use of the benefits of this warranty, please fill the form below.


Lose the product warranty:

1 – 1 year after the issuance of the invoice of sale to the consumer or 1 year of completing certifi cate of warranty (dated and stamped by the retailer or installer) or 1 year from date of manufacture.

2 – Violation of seals, alteration or removal of the serial number or batch of the product.

3 – If the product suffer misuse, oversights caused by accident as: Water, Fire, Fall, installed in adverse conditions the guidelines contained in the installation manual that came with the product.

4 – Damages and changes in the circuit or adaptation of non-original parts.

5 – Use installation outside the specifications manual techniques.

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